Invisible by Day, Vibrant at Night!

Easily programmable to any color or combination of colors any time of the year. More than just Christmas lights, you can brighten any holiday, sporting event, birthday party, or just enjoy classy accent lighting on demand or by using the scheduler in the app.

Convenient Install

Nearly invisible install requires no maintanence

Easy to Use

Choose a preprogrammed calendar or customize it to your own timing and design

Be Creative!

Nearly limitless options for color and design through an easy to use app

Multiple Zones

Easily manage multiple zones operating independently or in unison

About EverLights

With your EverLights system, enjoy complete convenience of easily programmed and wonderfully bright custom displays. The system’s easy-to-use hardware will be installed conveniently out of sight and mind.

At the touch of a finger, pick from 16 million colors to display. The colors can be selected in your choice of pattern length or up to 250 bulbs individually, meaning in most cases the bulbs on the front of your home can be designed one by one If you so choose.  This not only allows you complete customization, but gives you the ability to light only a few bulbs creating accent lighting to enjoy all year long.

Lighting effects and pattern options are only limited by your creativity.  Use built in flashing, chasing, twinkling, blinking, fading, random, strobing, and many other effects.  Your designs can be as bold and “flashy” or as subtle and classy as you need for any occasion.

Simple smartphone control

Easily and quickly control each individual light with a custom sequence builder.

Preview your patterns as you build them and see changes happen instantly on your home.

Use autopilot! Preprogrammed, (but customizable) Holiday patterns are preset. Set it and forget it. 

Program your sequences to your calendar and never worry about timers again.

Can’t decide on a single color or pattern? Set multiple patterns for any date or event.  

Invisible by day

When your EverLights system is off, you won’t even notice they are there! 

Our installations typically install seamlessly and more attractively within your existing trim, but that isn’t the only option. We can install with a nearly limitless variety of custom channel or in your existing trim to retain, if not improve, the look of your home during the day.

Our caps are offered in three different colors to blend the lights into your trim and gutter.


How Many Colors can Everlights Display at one time?

EverLights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to design custom sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time. In many cases this will allow the user to tell each individual light on the house what to do.

What is the Warranty Policy?

Lights of Christmas guarantees all parts and labor for 5 years.

How do you install Everlights?

Our preferred method is to install in the top of your guttering and behind existing roof flashing. We believe this is superior in both install cost and results in a sufficiently hidden, yet fully breathtaking display at night. We can build custom channel in any color and profile required for almost any other installation method. If you prefer the lights face down instead of out, we can do that. If you want to tuck the lights behind a fascia, or trim the sides or even roof of your home, we can do that too. Our creative design team and skilled installers will have a solution that meets your needs and rises far above any off the shelf solution.

Are these lights HOA friendly?

YES! We have not had any homeowners to date with any restrictions that would prevent the installation of an Everlights system.  

What happens if my gutters or roof need replaced?

If you choose to install in or through the guttering or other roofing trim the Everlights system can be simply moved to your new flashing or guttering.  Lights of Christmas would charge for this labor and in the instance of an insurance claim we would work with your adjuster include this labor in your claim.

Can I have multiple lighting zones?

For entirely custom looks or separate zones and buildings, up to 20 zones can be added to a single bridge. These zones can be controlled independently or in unison.  EverLights’ patented wireless receiver unit works well beyond the range of your home’s WiFi, and in fact has a range of nearly 1/2 mile line of sight.

Should I face the lights out or down?

We strongly encourage outward facing bulb installation. With the many motion and alternating patterns you can select or create we feel this is FAR superior to the “wall wash” effect created by some competitor products which can ONLY be installed facing down. With an outward facing install the classic “Christmas” lighting look is persevered and the bulbs can be viewed from the widest angles. With most downward facing installs (some even under the soffit) you won’t be able to see the bulb, but only the reflection of the light, resulting in an install that just doesn’t have the classic feel.


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