About Our LED Lights

Our industry leading full wave rectified SMD technology LEDs use only 0.58 watts per bulb.  Our LEDs are not of typical box store quality or appearance.  There you will most often find what amounts to cheap mini light strands with large plastic diffusers which are half wave rectified causing a high frequency flicker which is NOT visible in the bright soft glow of our commercial grade full wave rectified LED lamps. 

Our most popular color choice is the Sun White LED which is nearly indistinguishable from a old fashioned clear incandescent.  Cool white also looks great and alternated with red gives a cheery candy cane look.  One of our signature patterns is red-white-green-white using your choice of cool or sun white.  Our favorite way to mix these colors as it actually highlights the red and Green better.   The Classic Christmas Multicolor pattern with Red-blue-orange-green-yellow is also a favorite among families.  Chose any of these patterns or create your own. We can customize the pattern any way you like.

See all of the available LED light colors below


Sun White LED

Green LED

Cool White LED


Blue LED

Pink LED

Yellow LED

Teal LED


Multicolor LED

Incandescent Lighting

We no longer are able to offer incandescent lighting to new customers.  We have searched far and wide for decent lamps and the truth is, when compared to LEDs, the incandescent bulbs are simply no match in terms of reliability and energy consumption.  



We do not charge for color changes from season to season if you decide to go with something different next year, so be bold, and if you really cannot make up your mind choose our permanent installations and change the color at will, all year long. 

Why decide on a color? Have them all!

We now install EverLights, a nearly invisible during the day and vibrant at night lighting solution that changes colors at the push of a button (on your smart-phone).